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DEJA VU all over again, DEJA VU?

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Eagles Nest

While I was a tad upset Donovan missed Jackson twice on bombs to break the longest TD record I was satisfied with this game.  In all honesty I thought it should have or at least could have been a blowout minus some bonehead pics by McNabb.

While I like seeing the Eagles make yet another late season run like the Garcia year and last year.  My fear is I am being set up once again for heartache. The Eagles have this knack for getting me amped then throw in a clunker when they are at heavens gate.  Who knows, maybe the Vikes will lose yet another and we can get a bye and have a legitimate shot at another title game.  Or it could swing the other way and Dallas pulls out the division, which I doubt with their choke history.

The only way I see anyone getting the right to play SD or Indy in the big dance is to have to literally knock Drew Brees out with a concussion.  Sure the Boys looked good against the Saints but they were due for a loss, like the way the Colts should have lost on Thursday.


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