Johnny G’s Week 10 Picks

November 12th, 2009 by Johnny G | Filed under Football, General.

San Francisco 49ers (-3) over Chicago Bears/ Thurs 8:20 pm- These are two teams that are in an absolute tailspin but the one thing the 49ers have that the Bears don’t is a consistent running game with Frank Gore. Look for the 49ers defense to rattle Cutler early and for Gore to have a field day. Lay the Field goal on Thursday Night Football, the 49ers are the play.

49ers 24 – Bears 17

Tennessee Titans (-7) over Buffalo Bills/ Sun 1pm- After being installed as the starting QB for the Titans, Vince Young has provided the spark that Jeff Fisher was looking for by leading the Titans to their first two wins of the season. The Titans have finally went back to the game plan that worked for them the entire 2008 season, and that is run, run, and run some more. Chris Johnson is tearing through defenses and I don’t see the Bills defense providing much resistance. Week 1 starter Trent Edwards returns from several weeks off due to injury, but struggled mightily before coming out of the lineup. This Bills team has zero threats on either side of the football at this point and the Titans should easily cover the touchdown.

Titans 31-Bills 13

Baltimore Ravens (-11) over Cleveland Browns /Mon. 8:35pm- What is the cure for a talented defense that has struggled for the last several weeks? None other than Brady Quinn and this anemic Browns football team. The Browns stripped Brady Quinn of the staring QB job just seven quarters into the season and switched hands to Derek Anderson, who posted the worst QB rating in the NFL. Now Eric Mangini has decided to change his mind and once again go back to Quinn. Against this Ravens defense and their countless types of blitzes and schemes, this is the equivalent of throwing Quinn to the wolves. Put aside the fact that he cannot stretch the field and only throws short and intermediate routes, his offensive line is horrendous, and he is handing the ball off to well past his prime Jamal Lewis. Take the Ravens laying double digits on Monday Night Football.

Ravens 21 – Browns 6

Double Your Money Pick of the Week

San Diego Chargers (-3) over Philadelphia Eagles/ Sun 4:15 pm- After struggling at home against an above average at best Dallas Cowboys team, the odds makers are now asking this Eagles team, who’s five wins on the season have come against Carolina, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, NY Giants, and Washington to travel cross country and cover a field goal against a suddenly peaking Chargers team. The Eagles have not done anything this season that would give me confidence that they can go into San Diego and win this game. Lesean Mccoy has struggled with pass blocking, picking up blitzes and has shown a tendency to dance in the hole too long before making a cut. The Cowboys shut down both Maclin and Desean Jackson rather easily last week and I would expect San Diego to do the same. Donovan McNabb has gone back to being the extremely inaccurate Donovan who has reared its ugly head at times in the past and although the defense is pulling its weight at this point it will not be enough as the Chargers win this game by a touchdown or more.

Chargers 28 – Eagles 17

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17 Responses to “Johnny G’s Week 10 Picks”

  1. Without doubt agree with what you reported. Your reason was certainly the easiest to comprehend. I say to you, I constantly get annoyed when folks explain issues that they clearly have no idea about. You were able to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. I hope, other people can take a cue. Will likely be back for more. Keep it up

  2. Johnny G says:

    4-0 sweep for week 10. ill have the picks up for week 11 by wednesday.

    • Leo says:

      It appears sir, that you are the next Nostradamus of Football. I wonder what the money picks will be next week.

  3. Christian says:

    3-0 so far. Nice!

  4. Deathstick says:

    I think your right on, can’t wait to see the games this week.

  5. Christian says:

    [to Johnny G]

    Don’t hurt your arm.

  6. Johnny G says:

    this article is like having tomorrow’s newspaper. To anybody who made money on this pick…You’re welcome.

  7. tophat says:

    I kinda like the eagles to pull off an upset this week.

  8. Christian says:

    Good analysis. I like the picks, especially Tennessee & San Diego.

  9. Leo says:

    I agree with the 49’s pick.
    I think Titans and Bills is a tossup not a blowout by Tennessee.
    I agree with the Ravens pick.
    I think your probably right with the Eagles/Chargers but I hope the Eagles pull it out.