Comeback! Courtesy Donnie Mac

November 23rd, 2009 by Christian | Filed under Eagles, Football, General, NHL, Sports.

Soldier Field, Chicago. Fourth quarter. Bears up 20-17. The Eagles desperately need the win. Donovan McNabb and the offense have the ball at their own thirty-eight yard line, with eleven minutes remaining in the game. How’s your confidence level?

McNabb takes the ball and… methodically drives the Eagles sixty-two yards for a touchdown, on an eleven play drive that consumes five minutes, thirty-one seconds and was punctuated with a ten yard scamper by LeSean “Shady” McCoy. Awesome! Clutch! Just what the Eagles needed. About time!

This was a better game than expected, featuring four lead changes, the last one being McCoy’s TD in the fourth quarter that won the game for the Eagles. McNabb, playing before his hometown, was good overall, going 23 of 32 for 244 yards with 2 touchdowns and one interception. He spread the ball to five different receivers. DeSean Jackson had another impressive game, with 8 catches for 107 yards and a touchdown. He was clearly the fastest player on the field. He may be the faster player in the NFL. LeSean McCoy rumbled for 99 yards on 20 carries (not a misprint!) and a touchdown.

This was of course against a Bears team with Jay Cutler at QB. He seems to have less control than Mitch Williams used to. He was missing receivers all night. But I have to give credit where credit is due. McNabb was sharp, decisive and accurate on that scoring drive. He looked, shall I say, confident? Great job Donovan!

Andy Reid, please take the video of that drive and run a continual loop in Donovan’s house so he sees what he can do if he’s confident at the end of the game.

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9 Responses to “Comeback! Courtesy Donnie Mac”

  1. phillies1030 says:

    Congrats to McNabb for outplaying Jay Cutler.

  2. WilliamE says:

    That’s what happens when he runs the ball.

  3. Johnny G says:

    That was a nice looking drive but that bears team is really bad. It looks like somebody on that coaching staff told cutler to limit the interceptions, because he looked tentative, scared, and just overall terrible. If youre gonna stick with cutler as your qb you gotta let him let it fly because a tentative cutler is about as bad as you can get. The good cutler will turn the ball over but will win some games for you with just his arm strength. Eagles should have blown that team out last night though.

    • Christian says:

      I think you may be overrating the Eagles a bit, as most Philly fans do. Blow them out? This is still the Eagles team that lost to the Raiders.

      • Johnny G says:

        well the raiders are not as bad as many think. Jamarcus russell was holding that team back but they have some playmakers on offense and a solid defense. The bears couldnt move the ball on the 49ers and couldnt stop them on thursday night. 49ers are a bad football team and beat the bears by 4. Eagles are alot better than the 49ers and should have won this game last night by 10+

        • Christian says:

          And I think the Bears could have won easily if Cutler was more accurate. It also looked like Chicago could have run the ball all night, but for some reason chose not to. Doesn’t look like the Eagles can stop the run at all. Not a good indicator.

  4. Christian says:

    Schmitty, enjoy the win. Lose the negativity for a few hours… : )

  5. seanfrancissmith says:

    That Donnie Mac drive just replaced the John Elway “drive” in my history banks as one of the best ever! Especially against a defense that resembled the 85′ Bears! LOL! Man, is it me, or has the NFC East become a race for the most average team to win a division? A win is a win I guess.