Stephen A. Smith Sells Out Philly

October 27th, 2009 by Christian | Filed under Baseball, General.


I was watching The Ed Show the other night and Stephen A. Smith came on as a guest to give his views on the World Series. Smith, who worked as a sportswriter in Philadelphia from 1994 to 2007, picked the Yankees in six games. After bragging that he personally knows Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard, he made his most obnoxious and irrelevant quote about the Phillies, “They are not the New York Yankees!” he blustered.

You’re right Stephen, they’re not. The Phillies are the world champs. They took two of three from the Yankees this year, at Yankee Stadium by the way, and have been a powerhouse in the playoffs.

Hey Stephen, whichever national media outlet you’re working for at the moment won’t cut off your checks if you don’t pick the Yankees. But guess what, we don’t need you on our side. Philly gave you your break, and now we’ll break your heart. Phils in six.

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5 Responses to “Stephen A. Smith Sells Out Philly”

  1. GtHockey81 says:

    very disapointed in stephen a…although i can see the loudmouth saying that

  2. seanfrancissmith says:

    If I see Stephen at the Phillies game this weekend, I will point out some stars to him, whether it be athletes, actors, musicians, etc., so i won’t have to hear his big yap! It will be busy kissing their asses, like he can be found doing for a living!

  3. tophat says:

    this guy is all ego and about himself. who cares what he thinks and why is he still on tv?

  4. JoeyG says:

    Typical Stephen A. Not suprised at all.