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October 31st, 2009 by Christian | Filed under Baseball, General, Phillies.

There’s an old adage that you only need to know three things about real estate: location, location, location.

For Game 3 of the World Series tonight, there are three critical locations you need to know about also:

LOCATION #1. Cole Hamels fastball. If Hamels can locate his fastball, he’s dominating. Last year he did and was virtually unhittable in the postseason. This year, he’s struggled with it.

According to shortstop Jimmy Rollins, “He hasn’t been able to place his fastball where he wants it. You see the catcher setting up outside, and he’s pulling the ball in. When he’s doing that, it makes his changeup a lot less effective. When he’s spotting his fastball and he can throw the changeup in the same spot 10, 12 mph slower, it becomes tough to hit. But when he’s struggling with one pitch, you can almost start cancelling out the other, and I think that’s the biggest difference.”

Take it to The Bank. The Phillies have enjoyed home cooking, posting an 11-1 postseason record at Citizen’s Bank Park since the beginning of last year’s playoffs. The Bank is the best home field advantage in baseball.

The seats behind home plate. New Yankee Stadium looks like a corporate shell of Old Yankee Stadium. The old place was built for the Bronx Bombers. The new digs seem to be made for the Manhattan IBMers. On television, half the seats appeared to be empty. Not exactly sure why. I’ve read different reasons for it, from overpriced tickets, to Cliff Lee’s dominant performance. But one thing you can be sure of – you won’t see empty seats in Philly.

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16 Responses to “Location, location, location”

  1. Sean Francis Smith says:

    I am sick this morning…absolutely sick. We were up 1 game to none. Up wit a thin lead in game two and the bats fell asleep. Game three were were up 3 to nothing at home and rolled over. Last night we fought like the Pillies I know and love and unfortunately the Brad Lidge we know (this year) showed up and ended my weekend on a sour note Maybe a win tonight. Please don’t let those goons from Newe York dance on our field. This is strange. Which team comes out tonight? The one that split in Baltimore in 83′ to only come home and lose 3 staraight and lose the Series 4-1? Or does the team show up like the 93′ team down 3-1 win behind their ace tonight and go back to NY fighting? I will take the second choice. But realisticly I haven’t seen anyone walk on water lately and this series is over. It unofficially ended during anotheer meltdown from Lidge last night in the ninth! What a tease this Series proved to be. Winning would have made this series great, with the Phillies players playing smart and the mamager managing smart could have made this a classic series. Now it looks as though it will be another ho-hum Fall dud!

  2. seanfrancissmith says:

    I have one location advice for Colie Hamels, get out of this town before you say one more stupid thing! After another excuse of a start this year you better leave at night in the dark before your ass gets beat down on the streets of Philadelphia. Wow, never seen a pitcher implode over a missed call like that since 1977-78 and Burt Hooten of the Dodgers. Thank GOD this Cole does not pitch for the 93′ Phils and macho row, he would not get out of the locker room alive!

    • Leo says:

      The Phils have to win the game tonight in my eyes. I don’t see them taking 3 in a row off the Yankees with the last 2 games at Yankee Stadium.

  3. Christian says:

    But to be optimistic, the Phillies played their worst game of the playoffs and still could’ve won the game.

  4. Christian says:

    Right Schmitty… Hamels has been an enigma all year, and was again last night. He’s in complete command, sans the homer (double) to Rodriguez so he starts experimenting with his curveball. And throws three curves in a row to Swisher, then one to Pettitte? Hmmmm…. they can’t hit hit my fastball and changeup, so let’s see what they do with my curve. What an idiot.

    But the Yankees strategy has become obvious. Curveballs to Utley, Howard and Ibanez. They can’t hit them, so they better LAY OFF the curveballs or it will be a short series.

    Victorino’s horrendous at-bat, swinging at two pitches in the dirt with the bases loaded, after Rollins just walked was pretty bad too!

  5. seanfrancissmith says:

    I am getting up and going to church to calm my nerves and pray for us sinners! After the horrendous taste left in my mouth from last nights game I wanna flush it. Beat up on the Giants and do anything it takes to win tonight against the Yankees. It is a 7th game attitude the Phils must carry into tonight. 2-2 with 3 to play…anything can and probably would happen. 3-1 with or without Lee and we are sitting ducks! Bottalico said something funny last night on post game. Yankees 6 Phillies 5 Fox 2! Would not have prevented a loss or Coles baby like meltdown again! But if that camera was a fan was it not ruled a double? Still I can’t believe Cole has been such a skirt wearing sissy. He better come to spring training next year toughened up or he won’t make it till the All -Star break in this town! You can point fingers towards Vic, Utley and Howard, they could have buried this Yankee team in the early innings and all this Cole talk would be irrelevant, but I won’t do that today. We have to focus on tonight. I am happy there are no days off to think about this one, lets right the ship and have a gloroius day and 1st of November here in PHILADELPHIA, USA!

  6. GtHockey81 says:

    Cole needs to quit messing around with the curveball. Its useless. Why are you throwing a curveball to Petitte with that man on base. It should have been a mixture of change ups and fastballs to the outside corner, which would have most likely produced a weak grounder and the out at first. I feel like that at bat, that moment, swayed the game, and quite possibly the series.

  7. christian says:

    agreed schmitty. What was he thinking throwing a curveball to Pettitte?

    • Leo says:

      Well, the pitching was very lacking the whole night. I think they should have let Hammels pitch thru the sixth before going to the bullpen.

    • Johnny G says:

      i wouldnt have as much of a problem with him throwing a curveball there if it was a major league level curveball. The curveball hes throwing is a slow, lazy, hanging curveball with absolutely no sharpness to the break. I’ve seen better breaking balls at the highschool level. Regardless, throwing anything offspeed to an american league pitcher with less than 20 at bats all season is just inexcusable.

  8. seanfrancissmith says:

    Win or lose, Cole Hammels is so mentally soft this year! And no, I am not jumping ship, just observant to the obvious.

  9. Leo says:

    I’d love to see that hold true. Time will tell and you bring up valid points with insight into the history. GO PHILLIES!!!!

  10. Jimmy says:

    I love it! It’s Hamels Time. Go Phillies!!!

  11. Christian says:

    It’s a little league field with big league prices! Yankees fans bend over!!

  12. seanfrancissmith says:

    I am sick of people who don’t live in Philly commenting how our beloved Bank Park is a shoebox and launching pad for homers. Check the season stats you non-baseball fans! Last time I checked you will “NEVER” see a home run flight in Citizen’s like that of Godzilla’s the other night, in Yankee stadium and have a recorded flight of 320 feet! That’s a nine iron shot where I come from! If that game was played anywhere but that little league field in the Bronx, the score may still be tied one to one in xtra innings!