Kolb Awesome! Forget Vick and McNabb

September 27th, 2009 by Leo | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

kolbKevin Kolb put in another stellar performance this week, his second 300+ yard passing performance in a row, becoming THE FIRST QUARTERBACK IN NFL HISTORY to throw for 300+ yards in his first two NFL starts! (Are you kidding me!?)  In my mind he has earned the starting spot until he falters, at least.

Kolb ran for one TD, and threw for 327 yards and two TDs, including one to DeSean Jackson, who had a career-best 149 receiving yards.  The Eagles trounced the Kansas City Chiefs: 34 -14, bringing their record to 2 – 1.

Michael Vick played for the first time this season, but he did nothing of note to mention.  He had 11 plays, including seven handoffs, resulting in a net of 30 yards.

Jeff Garcia got a few snaps in at the end of the game, and the first snap resulted in a fumble recovered by the Chiefs.  He looked rusty to me, but should be ready to go by mid-season, if needed.

As for my thought on McNabb, he is just not consistent enough, and could not even make it through the first game without injury.

In my mind, KOLB is the man!!!!

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5 Responses to “Kolb Awesome! Forget Vick and McNabb”

  1. Christian says:

    You gotta play to win. I say let’s see what the kid can do. He has a quick release and is accurate. That’s what the west coast offense needs. As soon as McNabb starts to stink it up, the Eagles fans will be chanting for Kolb. This puts more pressure on McNabb – let’s see how he handles it.

  2. WilliamE says:

    Kolb looked really impressive against 2 of the worst defensives in the NFL, the Cheifs might not win a game this year, in a division with Oakland, and the Saints had one of the worst defenses last year, although maybe be improved this year. Remember Bobby Hoying, AJ Feely, granted I think Kolb looked good as well, but lets not pass the mantle just yet until he gets a win versus a real football team.

    • Leo says:

      You gotta give Kolb the nod until he falters at least. You have McNabb, Vick, and Garcia as backups and might start on some other teams. The Eagles could pick up a good player off the trade of one of these QB’s.

  3. Christian says:

    Agreed Leo! Kolb made a great case for himself to be the starter. Reid will reinstate McNabb though, as soon as he is healthy, but I smell a QB controversy in Philly, and I want to see Kolb get the nod!

  4. Dogpound09 says:

    I could not agree more. I want Kolb to get the starter position too. But money and Reid will keep him on the sideline most of the year I think.