Are Eagles Fans Serious about Michael Vick?

August 31st, 2009 by Christian | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

Giving Michael Vick a standing ovation? Just horrendous. So we throw snowballs at Santa Claus and applaud Michael Vick? I’m not sure who I’m more disgusted with – the Eagles organization or the mindless fans that follow them blindly no matter what they do. They’ll look to trade him high end after a year or two for draft picks that they can pay on the cheap. Who are they kidding? They aren’t interested in giving anyone a second chance. Just ask Deuce Staley, Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincent, et al. And Eagles fans, just watch your ticket prices go up, up, up…

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One Response to “Are Eagles Fans Serious about Michael Vick?”

  1. tophat says:

    Yo CK Give him a break there are too many dogs in philly sports IE the sixers