Breaking News: Sixers Trade Willie Green

September 23rd, 2010 by Johnny G | Filed under Basketball, General, Sixers.
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Yes, you heard it here first, your very own 76ers traded Willie Green on Thursday along with Center Jason Smith. In return, the Sixers will receive Darius Songaila and Craig Brackins, the 21st selection in this years draft. Brackins was originally drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder before being traded to the New Orleans Hornets. This marks Brackins second trade before every suiting up for an NBA team. Songaila is merely an expiring contract for the Sixers but Brackins is an interesting piece. Last season for Iowa State, Brackins averaged 16.5 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

With all joking aside, this deal does look pretty solid for the Sixers. Lets see what else Eddie Stefanski has up his sleeve.

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3 Responses to “Breaking News: Sixers Trade Willie Green”

  1. dude93 says:

    This is a somewhat mildly interesting move. Getting another young big man is nice. Willie Green is… well, he’s Willie Green. Jason Smith looked to have the ability to run the floor a bit when he first came in but ever since the injury I’m not sure if he’s physically unable to do it anymore or if he’s just so far behind on his development that he’s a non-factor. It’s hard to judge him based on last year since the coach seemed to have absolutely no plan whatsoever.

    Iggy certainly has value to any team where he can be a slash to the basket guy who isn’t a bad defender. That was his role on Team USA since he clearly wasn’t being asked to be the top guy. Here he’s been the top guy by default since A) they signed him to a max contract and B) they don’t have a true perimeter threat. If he is being dealt this season to a team that has some cap room and needs another guy he can bring you some expiring contracts and maybe a kid who you can use.

    The Sixers have a LOT of work to do. They’re not one trade away. Anyone evaluating this team based solely on Iggy’s contract, Brand’s contract, Evan Turner, or this particular trade doesn’t see the big picture.

  2. Hillz says:

    Two most hated sixers for a long time,Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert. Both are gone now and it looks like this kid Brackins has a bright future. Go Sixers!

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