Kobe vs. Shaq (Why We Love To Hate Kobe, Part II).

August 22nd, 2010 by Schmitty | Filed under General.
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Folks this is a follow up to responses to my article about Kobe (I Love Myself) Bryant.

Is he arguably the best player in the NBA?  Yes! Most liked & popular… NOT!

Why? I firmly believe he is an egomaniac and a ‘Me, Me, Me’ type of person!

He is constantly projecting his image and is cocky to the point of arrogance.  Personalities like that of Erving, Bird, Johnson and Jordan displayed confidence, but with class.

The first thing out of Kobe’s (yes named after a steak for God’s sake!) mouth after winning Game 7 against the Celts was, “I have more rings than Shaq.”  Not, I am grateful to Ron Artest and Paul Gasol, who literally carried Kobe and the Lakers for the entire Game 7 win over the Celtics.

The Celtics dominated Game 7 for 3 quarters, while ‘Mr. Clutch Kobe’ was forcing shots, dribbling all over the place, throwing bad passes and missing free throws!

Honestly, LA got really lucky escaping with that win.  Plus, the Celts were minus their starting center –  injured in Game 6.

This leads me to Shaq’s decision to turn down 10 million plus to play in Europe next year.  He has taken a paltry

million and a half contract for 2 years to play with the Celtics.  My theory is he wants to go out and retire a champion beating his old teammate and nemesis “Cry Baby Kobe.”

No offense to Miami or the Magic, but until they learn how to play team defense, I see the Celts and Lakers headed for a clash for the NBA title with a subplot for the ages!

Go Shaq Daddy!


34 Responses to “Kobe vs. Shaq (Why We Love To Hate Kobe, Part II).”

  1. etras99 says:

    I’m not a Kobe fan. I don’t passionately hate him like you guys but I don’t particularly like him either, I’m indifferent. I just wish some research was done even in these rant articles, not to mention the fact that it’s completely out of nowhere. We’re three months until the NBA season and we’re already complaining about somebody. It’d be like me complaining about Sidney Crosby.

    • Christian Christian says:

      Kobe’s a tad more famous than Sidney Crosby… but why don’t you post something ‘more professional’? I thought some Eeegies stuff was forthcoming?

  2. Christian Christian says:

    To All Kobe Lovers:


    : )

  3. Chris says:

    Just going to say odd,very odd article.

  4. Johnny G says:

    Looks like this article has cause quite the controversy.

  5. etras99 says:

    This is disgusting. I am not sure how this site can be respected with awful articles like this. It’s not even the NBA season and you’re talking about Kobe. It seems that you haven’t done research either. First off, Jordan is as arrogant as anybody. In his HOF induction speech he said that there will never be another player to come along as good as him, so we should all stop talking about it. Very odd if you would consider that classy. Also not sure who Paul Gasol is. And I’ve seen the interview right after the game, the press conference after the game, and I do not see where Kobe ever said I have more rings than Shaq. It’s one thing to have a rant, but to make up completely bogus things in said rant as well as rant about something completely random, it just all adds up to a dreadful article in my honest opinion

    • Christian Christian says:

      Eric– do you have a Kobe fathead poster in your bedroom?

      FYI – this is a sports entertainment site for fans. If you want pure sports journalism, go to ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. We actually allow & encourage our fans to post/contribute.

      • Lmao says:

        Mike has one of the biggest egos ever lol probably the biggest i mean its crazy to actually judge someone about they attitude when everybody in here and in the nba has an ego it takes nd person with an big ass ego to write this article….wow I don’t understand why mike fans think he’s such an great guy but hate kobe lmao wasn’t mike the one back then shaking his head saying”you can hold me” wasn’t mike the one that shot a freethrow with his eyes close hahah nd got cheered for it but if kobe would hade done that it would of been another article on this site lmao ppl like to use the fact that kobe couldn’t carry his team pass the 1st round but neither could mike untill pippen got there he was 1-9 nd neva had a wining record untill pippen got there lmao nd the crazy thing is ppl always saying mike had less talent but his team still was wining when he was gone (not titles) they had winning records every year nd almost everyone became an allstar when mike was gone nd pippen took them to ecf w/o mike but mike couldnt get out the 2nd round in 95 nd theres more but not finna say it all…you see I can bring up mike down falls as good as yall can bring up kobes nd mike not the goat lmao:)

        • Christian Christian says:

          Good stuff LMAO… One question – if you could have either player, who would you take?

          • Lmao says:

            I choose kobe not because I think he’s better (i don’t)
            If i was a coach I would get a great player that I’m familar with so I would know how to build around that player instead of an player I’m not familiar with nd don’t know where to began and yeah I’m young but I knows more about the game then alot of theses old heads and do you know why?? Its call reading nd research I study the game but answer this if you can choose b/t magic and mike to build a franchise s
            Around Who would you choose?

          • Christian Christian says:

            That’s a tough one. Jordan’s the best I’ve ever seen, so I’ll take him. But Magic was unbelievable.

          • Christian Christian says:

            And I’d take Maagic over Kobe easily.

    • sean francis smith says:

      Jordan can brag that he is the best EVER! Also I live in LA and hear things first hand. Interviews etc. You obviously don’t know hoops if you dont know Paul Gasol! Your response is more dreadful than your knowlwedge pal!

    • sean francis smith says:

      Please share you thoughts, all are welcome.

      • etras99 says:

        First off I believe his name is Pau Gasol, not Paul, so you are the one with the dreadful basketball knowledge. Second off, Christian, I have no problem with a rant article, but one that is so lacking of substance and not to mention factually incorrect, I’m going to say something about it, as will others

        • Christian Christian says:

          Eric– I welcome the criticism. But you say factually incorrect and lacking substance. Is it not true that Kobe came up small in Game 7? That Artest and Gasol carried the team in Game 7? That the Lakers benefited from the injury to Perkins?

          Artest guarded Paul Pierece the whole series because Pierce ate Kobe alive two years ago, and the Lakers had to go out and get Artest because Kobe can’t cover him?

          Does Kobe not seem like an egomaniac to you? Most elite athletes are, but this guy wears sunglasses when it’s raining outside! If you like Kobe, that’s fine. But a lot of People in Philly hate him for dissing the city. And they have every right to.

          Bring it on brother!

  6. Mower says:

    I didn’t want to say anything, but now I feel obligated. Quite frankly, this article sucks and would have sucked if you wrote it 15 minutes after game 7. There is just 0 substance to it. If this site wants to be respected, and liked, you are going to have to stop letting clowns like this guy write articles.

    • Christian Christian says:

      It’s an opinion piece Mower. I think he’s got a point about Kobe. The guy has a hateable quality about him. Just curious – are you a Kobe fan?

      • Mower says:

        man is a world champion and the best basketball player active today, and shaq goes at him too, so kobe can say whatever he wants about him

        • Christian Christian says:

          LeBron is gonna make Kobe into a low grade hamburger this year! Get that poster out of your bedroom Mower.

          • Mower says:

            odd joke, maybe if lebron learns or acquires the killer instinct kobe has its possible, but i dont see it

    • sean francis smith says:

      Another Kobe kiss ass! It’s an opinion you ass!

  7. Christian Christian says:

    Don’t like Kobe wearing #24 as if he is one better than Michael Jordan’s #23. Kobe, you’re very good. But you’re no Michael Jordan.

    • Lmao says:

      Don’t you think that’s your problem thinking that way lmao
      I mean stop watching kobe no disrespect but if I don’t like a player the way every one here claim to hate kobe (but don’t have no reason once so ever to hate the man) I wouldnt care what he done nor would I keep track of him like alot of kobe hat….you what I’m not finna call them haters naw they do so much research on this person that they claim to hate nd don’t give a damn about that they adapted nd became sports analyst lol like I was saying I wouldnt keep track of him like theses analyst lol I wouldn’t give him my time That I can be using to do something constructed with my on life like idk well how about studying to become an sport analyst so I can get paid for my criticism lmao okay

  8. Johnny G says:

    Nice article, Schmitty.

  9. ChrisLeo33 ChrisLeo33 says:

    Interesting article Sean, I believe you are right on with the egomania, but is his mania what carried him to the heights he has achieved. A lesson of Gratitude and Humbleness may be needed.

  10. Christian Christian says:

    Love it Schmitty!

    • sean francis smith says:

      Thanks CK! See McNabb throw up his usual yardage stats last night, but ZERO TD’s and 3 measley points! HahA!

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