Philadelphia NFL Highlights Week 1: The Flyin’ high Eagles

September 10th, 2013 by Emily Phung | Filed under Eagles, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly.
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The first Monday Night Football game this season was the most anticipated one in the City of Brotherly Love. Fans eagerly were waiting to see what would be the outcome from the transition of new coach, Chip Kelly, into the football picture. Eagles fans were pleasantly surprised to see a new quick-paced team offensively and defensively, which led them to win Week 1’s game against the Washington Redskins with a score of 33-27.

The first half was just a blowout and the team definitely got down to business. The offense proved to be strong. DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy pulled in some major yardage and complemented it with touchdowns. Michael Vick’s passes although not always accurate were better executed than last year’s. Vick’s throws definitely had the speed, but having teammates not being open in the later quarters caused Vick to force runs with the ball. However, those runs were critical for the Eagles team to continue their momentum.The Eagles’ defense, which has always been their Achilles heel, was able to shut down a lot of plays and was on a blitz frenzy proving that even the underdogs could come around. The Redskins last season were known particularly for their defensive strength certainly did not prove such last night until the last crucial moments of playtime.

With all the hype coming into the game, the media was focused on the Redskin’s star player, RG3, (Robert Lee Griffin III), 2012 NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the year. RG3’s always seen Vick as a role model so the match-up proved to be interesting. RG3’s performance was a bit rusty and apparent in the first half with an interception by Eagles cornerback, Cary Williams,  and poor deliveries that proved to be disastrous. However, RG3 did get back into old self in the last two quarters to aid in a few touchdowns to catch up closer to the Eagles, but it was not enough for the Skins to beat the Eagles.

The Eagles team has a new speed driven dynamic. However, it seems fresh for them and they need time for it to gel. They need to learn how to not wear themselves out by halftime (which they are infamous for) and continue working hard to be able to put points up offensively or be able to defensively protect their lead. Due to it being week 1, it is too early to say how the Eagles will fare overall this season, but if this is a preview of what the new and improved Eagles, have in store, then over time, I am confident not only will this team will be able to make it to the playoffs, but also become a team that will be respected for its new hard work ethic in the long run. It is safe to say that Philadelphia is ready to give Chip Kelly the keys to the city if this team continues its winning reign all season long. 

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